The Countryside Store fights back against the economic effects of Covid – 19.

March 2020 will be a month like no other, the country came to a calamitous standstill after a national lockdown was introduced. Businesses throughout the UK were forced to adopt a new way of trading in unprecedented times.

Rural events, countryside shows, and equestrian competitions have been a trading hub for British crafters, producers and retailers for hundreds of years. These countryside shows see millions of visitors flock to various locations throughout the UK to see, sample and buy the very best our British rural businesses have to offer.

The last two years have seen lasting shockwaves run throughout the industry with thousands of small to medium rural businesses disappearing due to lack of exposure, funding and support.

The Countryside Store – Backing British businesses.

While the country came to a standstill Nick and Jess Palmer decided to try and help these businesses.

With NO DIGITAL EXPERIENCE, we set off on our mission to develop a marketplace that would allow our countryside community to continue supporting our rural retailers through an incredibly difficult time.

The Countryside Store – How hard can it be?!

Building a digital marketplace during a worldwide pandemic has proved incredibly challenging.

The Countryside Store is a self-funded platform that took our web developer, Jess and I 5 months to build, add the required software, select the correct servers, write the content and recruit new businesses to take a chance on this first of its kind marketplace built to back British rural businesses.

After many sleepless nights, The Countryside Store launched on August 20th, 2020 with 12 small businesses offering 278 products on the marketplace.

One year on and The Countryside Store marketplace is now the home to over 500 British rural businesses offering over 60,000 country lifestyle gifts, crafts, products and produce to over 3,000 daily marketplace visitors.

The Countryside Store is an incredibly complex platform that must work in sync for both the retailers and customers of the marketplace, The Countryside Store is managed around the clock by Jess Palmer who has dedicated the last 16 months to supporting this wonderful online shopping platform.

The Countryside Store – A family-run marketplace.

Nick, Jess and daughter Millie Palmer are a passionate country-loving family from North Yorkshire.

With deep-seated roots within the farming industry, their love for British farming, rural communities and countryside traditions is clear to see.

Nick’s love for the outdoors started on his grandpa’s tenanted dairy farm and his passion for the great outdoors has never disappeared. After spending 4 years at Bishop Burton Agricultural college Nick worked various agricultural and countryside jobs before setting up his own Agricultural pest control company AgriPest Management. AgriPest allowed Nick to learn the commercial ropes while providing North Yorkshire with an award-winning service. AgriPest is now recognised as Yorkshire’s best family-run pest control company and continues to serve Yorkshire’s rural communities.

Pre The Countryside Store’s development Nick had very little digital experience and absolutely no e-commerce experience but what he lacks in IT skills he makes up for in passion and determination.

Our wonderful Jess was raised with beef farming in her blood, a rural lass through and through was born and raised in Idle west Yorkshire.

Jess attended Askham Bryan agricultural college where she studied animal management, Jess then began her working career at FARMWAYS farm shop where she expanded her knowledge of rural retail but also gained an understanding of the hardships faced within our rural communities.

Jess and Nick met in 2012 and not long after had their first Child Millie. Jess then took up a role within the NHS that allowed her to spend more time with their daughter while expanding her career options.

The Countryside Store launched in August 2020, within just 1 week it was evident the platform would require full-time management to ensure smooth running. Jess now works 27 hours a day 9 days a week running The Countryside Store marketplace.

Millie, their 7 year old daughter is the main inspiration for The Countryside Store. Both Nick and Jess believe we all have a responsibility to support our rural industry for the next generation.

Neither Nick nor Jess pay themselves a wage, take a commission or draw any form of funding from The Countryside Store marketplace as 100% of all profits are reinvested back into developing the marketplace for their retailers.

The Countryside Store – 1 year on.


The Countryside Store has been incredibly rewarding but equally as challenging for the two self-proclaimed e-commerce novices. Both Nick and Jess appreciate all the support they receive from both the industry and the wider rural community.

The Countryside Store – The Future.

The Countryside Store has seen rural retail grow by over 334% these last 12 months, facilitating over £100,000 of sales for the British, rural retail sector.

The platform has seen phenomenal consumer support with thousands of purchases being made that without The Countryside Store would not have been possible.

This community-led platform requires the support of all of us that love the countryside. Failure to back our British crafters, producers, retailers, farmers, and fishermen will result in our industry disappearing.

The Countryside Store is the new way to support the countryside, a marketplace that allows you the consumer to directly buy from the business while safe in the knowledge we are giving back more than we take.

Why Sell With Us

Join the UK’s leading online countryside marketplace today…. Tap into over 120,000 monthly page visitors looking for something a little special…. selling made simple – your very own shop from only 23p per day!

With a huge dedicated and focused audience of countryside buyers, The Countryside Store puts your products in front of the right people. Let The Countryside Store promote your business to thousands of countryside consumers.

100% of all seller fees are reinvested back into generating more sales for our retailers!

From part-time crafters and hobbyists to well established British businesses – everyone is welcome at The Countryside Store

Why Advertise With Us

Put your business at the top of the page from £50 PCM 

The Countryside Store is an online destination that has been designed to promote natural visitor flow between products, traders, and UK holiday destinations. Advertisers will be seen by thousands of countryside consumers from as little as £50 PCM.

With over 120,000 monthly page visitors let us help you build your brand awareness. 

The Countryside Store – Linking the Countryside Communities in a cost-effective way.

Why Shop With Us

The UK’s largest digital platform for the countryside communities. Browse & buy some of Britain’s most unique, bespoke, creative, and exclusive countryside products.

Buy British, buy local, buy quality, and support rural businesses and the great British countryside. Find your next rural staycation – search for your perfect tradespeople.

It has never been so important to support our small, independent retailers, let’s not look back in years to come and wish we had done more to support them!

Thank you for supporting the British countryside – from #TeamCountrysideStore

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10 reasons we believe you should become a Countryside Store retailer

  1. We are officially the UK’s largest online marketplace dedicated to rural retail.
  2. Over 120,000 monthly page visitors and growing.
  3. Have your own, fully functioning, e-commerce shop with google SEO tools and so much more from 23p per day.
  4. Develop your digital presence at an affordable cost.
  5. The Countryside Store reinvests 100% of your seller fees back into generating you more sales.
  6. The Countryside Store has a huge online presence and growing daily.
  7. The Countryside Store is a truly family run business.
  8. You would be joining a marketplace that is committed to supporting small, British retailers.
  9. The Countryside Store has already facilitated thousands of sales since our launch in Autumn 2020.
  10. Join a marketplace that targets approximately 11.5 million countryside consumers that are passionate about supporting British businesses.
Join hundreds of retailers selling on The Countryside Store.

10 reasons you should be a Countryside Store consumer


  1. Secure payment process with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and many more.
  2. Support hundreds of retailers that rely on countryside consumers.
  3. Shop from thousands of incredible gifts, crafts, products and produce.
  4. Our seller fees are low, so you know our sellers benefit from each sale.
  5. Join our campaign to back British businesses.
  6. Find unique products that are only available on The Countryside Store.
  7. Benefit from hundreds of offers and discounts.
  8. We are a British family run business that only accepts businesses based in the UK.
  9. Your purchase strengthens an industry that requires all our support.
  10. Sales made through The Countryside Store creates jobs and a prosperous rural economy.
Join thousands of consumers buying from The Countryside Store.