Rebuilding the British hedgerow network

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When you make a purchase from one of our sellers on The Countryside Store we will purchase a hedgerow sapling on your behalf.



Hedgerows have played an important role within the British landscape for over one thousand years. Utilised by farmers for livestock and crop protection as well as being instrumental to the survival of thousands of wildlife species, hedgerows play an incredibly important part within our ecosystem.
Hedgerows often become damaged or gappy due to varying reasons, miss management, diseases, insects, age, or livestock pushing through.


How can you help rebuild hedgerows?

The replanting of hedgerows can often be overshadowed by tree planting projects but The Countryside Store and our retailers believe the reintroduction of hedgerows can prove just as beneficial. By buying from British retailers on The Countryside Store you are not only supporting our small business industry but you will be helping to regrow British hedgerows!


Why support The Countryside Store?

The Countryside Store is not just one business but we are made up of hundreds of small family-run businesses supplying crafts, food & beverage, trades and products. Buying from British retailers has never been so important. Shopping on The Countryside Store means more of the profits are going to the business owners rather than international marketplace giants. Now with our hedge planting initiative, you would not just be supporting British retailers but also our agricultural industry and British wildlife.

Hedgerow facts

Hedgerows provide ideal cover for livestock, nesting birds, crops and reduces wind speed which can prevent erosion.
A new hedgerow can store up to 600 to 800kg of CO2 equivalent per annum per km for up to 20 years!
Mixed hedgerows can provide a valuable source of shelter offering year a round food supply for many wildlife species.
Hedgerow corridors are vital for the protective movement of many species. Deer, pheasants, partridge all benefit from a healthy hedgerow environment.
Many bird species will use hedgerows as a form of navigation and protection.
A 50 metre hedgerow at the base of a one hectare field can store between 160 and 380 cubic metres of water during poor weather periods.

Our mission

To repair and link our great British hedgerows with a variety of native hedge species:
. Hazel
. Guelder Rose
. Holly
. Blackthorn
. Hawthorn
. Dog Rose
We would love you to sponsor a hedge sapling through The Countryside Store, please visit the link below or shop from thousands of amazing products, crafts and produce to support our campaign.