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Harriseahead, Staffordshire, United Kingdom 07811265190

Hello, my name is Rob, welcome to my store. I hand stitch a range of leather goods for people, horses and dogs.

After many years of corporate engineering and a couple of 'life changing' experiences, I decided to explore a different path.

Inspired by my wife's love of horses, I took lessons from a master saddler and started to make and sell a range of leather products. I love what I do, each day I walk to my workshop and make the best products I possibly can, from the best materials I can buy. I source all of my leather from old English tanneries that focus on quality, sustainability and traceability to the field.

The best bit, I proudly package them and deliver them to people who I hope will enjoy the smell, feel, and character of handmade goods designed to age beautifully and to last a lifetime.

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