Benchmark Kennels

At Benchmark Kennels we provide high quality kennels at affordable prices. Although we keep our products at competitive prices, we never compromise on quality. Our kennels are handmade and made to order, with professional fitting to give you peace of mind that your kennel will be stable and withstand the elements. Our fast turnaround time means that you should have your kennel delivered and installed within two weeks of ordering. (please be aware this may be longer during extremely busy periods)

No matter what your specific requirements, we will be able to tailor your kennel perfectly for you. We have a vast selection from small singles to large multi bays, perfect to provide secure housing for your pets. We have a large variety of optional extras to customise your kennel, including galvanised anti destruction panels. Our customer testimonials show we complete our work to the highest standard. We are trusted suppliers to the National Trust, Balmoral estate, the royal family of Abu Dhabi, Country estates, top dog breeders and pet owners nationwide.

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