Hive Country
3 Woodside, West Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6NA 07850 200665

My inspiration for creating Hive Country has come from my Grandmother and my love of all aspects of nature & the outdoors. Growing up being very close to my grandmother she showed me you could create so much from the materials we have around us or items that have just been discarded. I started sewing at a very early age and soon discovered my love of turning a once loved item into something new and fabulous.
I use a diverse range of materials to create a unique item. I wanted to create a website that offers a range of products that are designed and made locally and a place where you can find a unique gift that will be delivered direct to your door.
Each item purchased will be delivered gift wrapped with a small bag of bee friendly wild flower seeds to sew in your garden. I have a huge love of bees & their importance to the world we live in. By simply planting the seeds you will be creating a small happy environment for your local bees.

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