Maisla's Secret Garden

Hello. We are Maisla's Secret Garden. A small family run business in Devon.

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves and why we created Maisla's Secret Garden.

We created this page and our products because we are truly passionate them. I recently started my RHS Horticulture course and I am very keen to get others to enjoy gardening and growing your own vegetables and plants.

We know there are others out there but we have something that sets us apart. We use only 100% recyclable and compostable packaging.

No plastic postal bags. No plastic pegs, no plastic packaging whatsoever

Now we love gardening. We love growing fruit, veg and flowers from seed. Our little ones love to get their hands dirty and see their little seeds growing.

As we all get older (unfortunately) we have become more aware of the impact we all have on the environment. If our packaging was smaller and fully compostable it reduces our carbon footprint and yours too.

So with all that in mind, we created Maisla's Secret Garden which is dedicated to our two beautiful little girls.

We offer a growing selection of organic and untreated seeds as individual packets or as a monthly subscription box and treat boxes too.

All our seeds are untreated and organically grown.

Let Maisla's Secret Garden surprise you with a variety of Monthly seeds delivered direct to your door every month.

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