Mary Jean Limited
United Kingdom 01343880354 VAT Number (if applicable): GB352 0624 30 SC351739

Mary Jean is family owned and operated. The difference is in the quality of the products and believe in family values. From my family to your family sharing the
enjoyment of luxurious soaps, balms and more besides.

Led by the rural wilderness of the Highlands, the essence of Mary Jean® you experience is one of something positively natural. Full of goodness and rich cold-pressed
oils, a fragrance empowers mind and body. Every bar of soap handmade, every candle hand poured.

Mary Jean has always been about you, our customer and a quality of product. Ideals supported by family values you can easily relate to. Old crafting traditions are
best for our planet, for sure. We do not want to change anything to upset the balance we've found for growth and use of resources.

Our mission is to bring the best possible skincare product to as many as who care about their health, beauty and planet.

Natural and pure, organic is best and better. No pesticide residue or other toxin, your family is in safe hands. This is worry-free beauty at its best. Sustainable,
handmade in small batch, fresh, green and eco-friendly. Cruelty free and ethical practices, sustainable actions and care of product quality is what sets us apart.

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