Welcome to Miss Peacock's Makes!

Our main value as a company is to be as ecofriendly as we can be. When you bring a baby into the world, you want the very best for them, so let's together protect our amazing home!

Just as important to us is our gender neutral product range. In 2021 we believe it very important that we do not continue potential limiting gender stereotypes. Can girls really not like cars? Can boys really not like flowers? At Miss Peacock's Makes we believe in true gender equality and affording all our young people free choice to allow them to flourish into the best person they can be, with no restrictions.

But gender neutral does not mean plain and boring at Miss Peacock's Makes. You will find no plain white clothing here. All our designs are big, bold and beautiful!

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for upcoming products, limited edition products and giveaways @misspeacocksmakesshop

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