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Soap Free Solid Shampoo Bars for Horses and Dogs. Our SOAP FREE bars are naturally derived and offer an innovative, 100% biodegradable alternative to liquid shampoo that works! Manufactured in the UK, with pure essential oils, used and stored in a handy, sisal bag reducing the need for endless single use plastic, See Change Now Bars offer both an environmental and financial saving.
Made using highly innovative ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals, Paraben, PEG's and SLS's. Vegan friendly. Products unrivalled in performance and results they are super gentle on the most sensitive or problem skin.
Products that were created when unable to find a shampoo that didn't contain harsh ingredients and borne out of frustration and struggle with our own and our animals skin care.
Super easy to use, easier to apply, perfect for spot washing, great for travelling, safe and easy for children to use. Made to the highest standards of efficacy and avoiding all the nonsense and myth that surrounds animal shampoos.
Fantastic eco friendly gifts, must have for horse and dog owners. 100% customer satisfaction supported by amazing testimonials from VETS and professionals.
Each bar is equivalent to 3, 500ml bottles of liquid shampoo saving landfill and your carbon footprint in a easy to make swap.

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