Heritage Patio Pack: Edzell Blue, Catriona, Epicure. Grow your own Potatoes


We are renowned for our vast range of seed potatoes and know that the choice can be hard to narrow down.  We have done the hard work and have picked some of our favourite Heritage Seed Potatoes for you.

These older varieties date from pre 1950 and remind us of “what a potato should taste like” perhaps not as high yielding as modern varieties but have stood the test of time for a reason.

Two of these varieties are in the The Ark of Taste range, which is a key international project of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. It aims to catalogue and promote quality products from around the world that are rooted in culture, history and tradition and that are in danger of disappearing.

For this Heritage Seed Potatoes pack, we have Edzell Blue, Catriona and Epicure for you.  Heritage potatoes are simply stunning and we are excited to offer these three varieties as a pack.  Bags are optional extras.

The heritage Pack will have 3 tubers of each of the following (9 tubers in total):

🥔Edzell Blue – A blue skinned and white fleshed potato which produces great flavoured and vibrant dishes in the kitchen when baked, mashed and fried due to its floury nature. Second Early, Floury
🥔Catriona produces a moderate yield of long oval, parti-coloured blue tubers with a light yellow flesh. It has excellent flavour and cooking qualities. Bred by Scottish breeder Archibald Findlay in Lincolnshire and first marketed in 1920. Second Early, Floury. 
🥔Epicure – Also known as ‘Ayrshires’, or ‘Ayrshire Earlies’ the traditional early potato in that region, Epicure produce high yields of floury, white fleshed tubers that are round in shape. By far one of the best tasting first earlies, these potatoes are now making a comeback by popular demand.  An old heritage variety, Epicure potatoes have the ability to recover quickly from a nip of frost, which is what makes them so popular in colder or higher areas.  Boil, mash or enjoy them with a salad. First Early, Floury

Then decide if you would like optional grow bags.

🥔Tubers only – £11.95
🥔Tubers with three black grow bags – £16.95
🥔Tubers with three burgundy grow bags – £16.95
🥔Tubers with three green grow bags with handles – £21.95

See tab below for details about the bags.

Pick what option you would like from the Patio Pack dropdown menu ⇓.


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Potatoes can be planted all through Spring into May. We have lots of advice for beginners. We will be dispatching seed Potatoes from Mid-December and can send out your seed potatoes at a date to suit you in the spring - you may want to chit your potatoes for a few weeks before planting - let us know if you need help deciding when to ask for delivery. Our heritage varieties will sell out and so if you would like to take advantage of this delayed delivery, please mark the date in the comments box at checkout. In the spring, we aim to dispatch within 3 days from order and then your order will take 3-4 days to arrive.

We also sell Potatoes to Eat and this range will be dispatched immediately – we will only have certain varieties available at certain times.  There will be no delayed delivery for this.  Order by 4pm for 3 day delivery. Orders after 8am will be dispatched the following day.  Could be delayed if there is frost.  Varieties will change throughout the year and we will inform you if we need to supply a substitute.  Come back to see what our range is in a few weeks.

For gardeners - Just think of the butter melting over your potatoes that you harvested only minutes previously.....
We have many varieties including speciality, organic, heritage, coloured and traditional favourites for Spring planting. Potatoes are an easy crop to grow for all ages and the joy of digging for buried treasure is the same whether you are 3 or 103. We are available to answer any questions as you grow your crop of tasty potatoes. If you require some potatoes to eat now and some potatoes to plant later PLEASE DO TWO ORDERS as we cannot split the order easily.

Please note: sadly due to Brexit we are no longer permitted to "export" to part of the United Kingdom - Northern Ireland. This horrendous situation has to be rectified by politicians and is beyond our control. If you are affected by this, please write to your MP.

If we have run out of a variety, we will substitute with a suitable alternative. We will try to inform you prior to this happening. Please put in notes at check out if you do NOT want this to happen.

Potatoes are a great present to give - you can start a family competition for the best yield or biggest potato! If you can say it with flowers you can say it with potatoes!

Certified Seed producers and members of Safe Haven - your guarantee of quality. We are a family firm, in the 3rd generation, growing all our potatoes just north of Dundee. UK Delivery (with the exception of NI) is included in the price. Organic varieties are clearly marked and our certificate can be e-mailed if required. We abide by the rules set in The Seed Potatoes (Scotland) Regulations 2015

SAVE £5 - Spend just £25 with us on Seed Potatoes and get £1 off each net - use POTATO in the code. (Includes grow bags, Excludes the variety packs and potatoes to eat)


Patio Pack Contains

3 x nets of 3 tubers of different varieties Edzell Blue, Catriona, Epicure.  9 tubers in total.

Then you can decide whether you would like some bags or not. Each 3 tuber net requires one bag.

Option 1 – just the potatoes – you plant them in the ground or your own planter
Option 2 – Three black grow bags and the tubers
Option 3 – Three Sturdy Green grow bags with handles and the tubers

Soil / compost is not included


Black and Burgundy Bag information

Filled dimensions (DIAM X HEIGHT) 15 X 15″” – 500 GAUGE

Black fold away polythene plant grow bags made from 100% recycled polythene, all with specific drainage holes punched out in the bottom of each pot.

Soil / compost is required

Summary of grow bag colours and properties

Grow Bag information

*Ok for domestic recycling – generally black plastic is not accepted through domestic recycling
All plastic needs to be clean for recycling.

*Oxy-biodegradable – Will breakdown within a few years.  Can still be recycled into new plastic.


Green Bag with handles information

40.5 litres
2 lifting handles
1 tip handle
6 drainage holes

Made from Up to 70% Recycled Materials

Weaving top quality, re-useable Polypropylene fabric (PP) requires high-quality raw material – so much as we would like to have all our sacks & bags using 100% recycled PP, it’s counter-productive in terms of performance & durability.

Our supplier uses a minimum of 5% Recycled plastic in all our sacks & are working hard to increase this to 30% by 1st April 2022, therefore reducing plastic waste & bringing cost benefits by avoiding new Tax legislation which applies £200/tonne to all plastic packaging with under 30% recycled content.


At the end of their life span, they can still be recycled to make things like plastic buckets, garden furniture or pallets! Why not consider the benefits of paying a little more for bags which can be re-used & recycled – it benefits the environment & is often far more cost-effective.

How to grow potatoes in these pots:

Fill about 2/3 of the way up with compost/soil (not included), put 3 tubers in each bag and cover with soil.  When the plant emerges, cover with soil and repeat this a couple of times.  This encourages downward growth.



Additional information

Pack Size

Just tubers, Tubers with Three black grow bags, Tubers with three burgundy grow bags, Tubers with Three green grow bags with handles


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