Food & Beverage Marketplace

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The Aim

To connect quality UK producers with new wholesale, trade, and end user customers.

Linking the UK’s food producers, manufactures and suppliers with wholesale, retail, trade & and domestic customers.

The Countryside Store has quickly developed a reputation for linking the UK’s countryside industries with UK consumers.

After being contacted by many British food & beverage suppliers as well as potential customers, The Countryside Store will be launching the UK’s first online, rural food suppliers Marketplace.


The rural, UK food & beverage producers have so much to offer, often these businesses rely on markets, shows or retailers to sell their products. Finding the correct selling platform that can promote and sell British produce at the correct RRP while retaining healthy margins can be difficult. The Countryside Store is a platform that connects British producers with British Countryside customers from only £4.99 per month.

For rural producers wanting to sell more product direct to the end user as well as restaurants, hotels, cafes and Deli’s – the Countryside Stores Food & Beverage Market Place is the perfect British digital platform.

For anyone that is looking for something a bit special, tasty… and likes the idea of supporting the UK’s Rural economy by buying from British farmers, fishermen, chocolatiers, brewers, distillers, growers and dealers – then… the Countryside Stores Food & Beverage Marketplace is the perfect British digital buying platform.

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Countryside food and beverage

How will it work?

The food & beverage suppliers and manufactures will be offered their own shop counter, where all products can be displayed with images, prices and purchasing options.

The Shopper will be able to explore, search and purchase some of the most delicious products the Great British Countryside as to offer.

The Costs & Subscription Fees

Our seller subscription plans are available as monthly, 6 monthly and yearly
View all plans below and choose one that suits you

Monthly Subscription Plans

6 Monthly Subscription Plans

Yearly Subscription Plans

The Countryside Store will manage secure payments through PayPal, credit or debit card. The Countryside Store will charge 7% + .30p on each sale transaction to cover administration fees & card payment processes.

The grower, producer or manufacturer would require all the relevant qualifications, certifications, and licences to sell their produce, they will also be responsible for the safe delivery of all product.