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I love to paint farm animals, but horses are a particular favourite. I aim to capture their individual characters, allowing them to come to life on the canvas as I work: the result of careful study over many years, and with horses, hands-on experience too. I like to share the connection I feel with these animals and hope that they speak to you as they do to me.

Acrylic paint is my favourite medium, as it has great versatility. It can be used thicker on canvas or a more fluid style on paper, but always with that option to add detail. Block canvases are great as I can start the story on the front then continue it around the sides. Pastel especially on Pastelmat paper allows beautiful lighting effects.

My local and very rare heavy horse breed, the Suffolk Punch, provides much focus for my work along with other heavy horse breeds and a variety of animals from British farms. I seem to have an affinity with herbivores.

I exhibit locally across East Anglia and further afield with The Wildlife Art Society International, and have had work selected for the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art.

Let my animals add cheer to your home and I hope that you enjoy my cards and prints.

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