Hand Crafted Leather Work
Callington, Cornwall, UK 07792294620 ian.hclw@gmail.com 5.00 average rating from 1 review

Welcome to my store! I am Ian Jane the owner of ‘Hand Crafted Leather Work’ and the crafter of the leather goods you will find in my store. All my leather work is painstakingly crafted by hand from the finest full grain English leather. I take great pride in making sure every stitch is placed exactly right and the finish of each product is of the highest quality. My background is in game keeping. My passion for crafting leather products stemmed from a love of working dogs and countryside pursuits and a wish to have good quality kit; as such you will see that much of my work is aimed at those that have similar interests, as well as anyone that values good quality hand crafted leather work. You will see much of my work is customisable, making it truly unique and ensuring it meets your every need.

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