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More Bees Please

We are a family run beekeeping business based in Sheffield & Rotherham.  We are passionate about bees and the amazing effect they have on the environment.  We are expanding our Beekeeping to try and improve the quality of Bees in the local area, and also the number of pollinators in the local vicinity.  We have set up our own breeding program to improve the quality and disease resistant strain of bees. 

We have over 300 hives in South Yorkshire & Derbyshire. We are ethical beekeepers, and look after our bees well. During the winter months, we ensure that the bees have enough honey stores to survive the winter, without feeding sugar syrup. We are putting the bees before any profit, unlike most large bee farming companies.

We also aim to introduce Hives to as many schools, raise awareness with children and hopefully find Beekeepers of tomorrow.  Also check out our "More Bees Please" page for more information about our plan to spread hives around Yorkshire with the help of as many businesses as possible.

Our Honey is unpasteurised and filtered to the absolute minimum, to ensure you get the natural Honey how the bees intended.  This is something that you don't get from shop bought Honey.  We also sell other natural products from the hive, including Cut Comb Honey, Creamed Honey, Beeswax Polishes and a full range of Beauty & Pet Products.


Introducing Hive Adoption: Nurturing the Buzz of Nature’s Guardians

Are you passionate about the environment and the critical role bees play in our ecosystem? Do you want to make a meaningful impact on bee conservation and support local beekeepers at the same time? If so, our Hive Adoption program is your perfect opportunity to become a steward of these industrious little pollinators!

Why Adopt a Hive?

Promote Bee Conservation: Bees are essential pollinators that contribute to the growth of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. By adopting a hive, you actively support their preservation and ensure the continuation of vital pollination services.

Support Our Beekeepers: Our Hive Adoption program empowers our beekeepers who work tirelessly to maintain healthy hives and protect these amazing creatures. Your support helps cover costs for hive maintenance, disease prevention, and research, enabling them to focus on responsible beekeeping practices.

Environmental Impact: Every hive adoption counts towards a healthier environment. By nurturing thriving beehives, you contribute to biodiversity, creating a ripple effect that benefits our planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Educational Outreach: When you adopt a hive, you not only make a difference but also become part of a community committed to raising awareness about the importance of bees. You’ll receive educational materials and updates on how your contribution makes a tangible impact on bee conservation efforts.

Sweet Rewards: As a token of our appreciation, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the fruits of your hive’s labour. Our adoption packages come with a 3 or 6 jar’s of pure, golden honey, harvested sustainably from your adopted hive.

How it Works

1. Adopt and Contribute: With a simple donation, you symbolically adopt your chosen hive. The funds go directly to support our beekeepers, hive maintenance, and community educational programs.

2. Receive Your Adoption Package: Embrace your role as a bee protector with a personalised adoption certificate, you can get updates about your hive’s progress, and valuable bee-related information.

3. Join the Hive Community: Become part of a passionate community of bee advocates and fellow adopters who share your commitment to bees and the environment.

Make a Buzzing Difference Today!

Join our Hive Adoption program and be a part of something truly special. Whether you’re adopting a hive as a unique gift for a loved one or simply as a way to give back to the planet, your support will reverberate through the honeybee population and the natural world they enrich. Take action now and become a guardian of nature’s invaluable pollinators!

You can request an update on your adopted beehive by emailing or live chat and we will let you know how your adopted beehive is getting along

What’s included

Your recipient will enjoy a beautifully packaged adoption pack, including:

  • Personalised full colour, adoption certificate
  • Certificate to show what hive you have adopted, the name of the hive and from which apiary.
  • Information on the hive i.e. type of honeybee, age of the hive, age of the queen.
  • What your hive is doing at the time of adoption
  • Jars of delicious, raw, British honey direct from your adopted hive of native British honeybees! You select how much honey you’d like to receive.
  • 10% off code to use in our online shop for a full year of adoption.
  • Information pack, containing bee knowledge & fascinating facts.
  • 1 x 30ml tin of our Lip Balm, Small Skep Candle & Honey Dipper
  • 20% off a Bee Experience Day

At checkout enter the best shipping address, either to yourself, or directly to the recipient. Also, please add their name in the comments field for the certificate.

Adoption plans are for one season (12 months in total) and can be renewed annually.

Adoption Gift Box with 3 Jars of Honey £45

Adoption Gift Box with 6 Jars of Honey £60

Please add the name the you would like on the adoption in the “notes section” on checkout, or alternatively email us on


Additional information


3 Jars of Honey, 6 Jars Of Honey


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