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If you are a keen outdoorsman like me, with a passion for countryside sports then you will know that it is sometimes hard to find a store that sells everything you will need for your outdoor pursuits and at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Recently, I have discovered an online store that sells everything that an outdoor enthusiast could want, it is called The Countryside Store. The Countryside Store is a fantastic family-run online store, supplying thousands of brilliant products that are produced by other family-run and country-based businesses throughout the UK. Buying from the countryside store means that not only are you buying the product that you need, but you are also supporting family-run businesses as well as buying quality, British-made products.


As a keen shooter and fisherman, I was glad when I heard about The Countryside Store and the products they sell, as there is no other marketplace out there like it. I am all for buying British and supporting rural retailers and their businesses, and this is exactly what The Countryside Store allows us to do, all in one simple to use website.

Another brilliant feature of The Countryside Store is their hedge saplings scheme, which I think is a great idea. Every purchase that is made on The Countryside Store, in turn, plants a hedge sapling. The idea behind this is to fill in the many gaps in our hedgerow systems throughout the UK, this maintains our wildlife corridors and provides habitat for many different species of wild animals within our UK countryside. I think that this is a great incentive to buy from The Countryside Store, as not only are you supporting rural retail and family-run businesses, but your purchase is also giving back to nature by maintaining important habitat.


Everyone that is into shooting will know that generally shooting equipment is expensive for quality products that not only will do the job but will also stand the test of time and is made to last. One brand I am a big fan of is Jack Pyke, which not only is fantastic equipment for the money, but it is also made in England. The Countryside Store sells a huge range of Jack Pyke equipment, from gun bags to jackets and all at an incredibly affordable price.

A few months ago, I purchased the Jack Pyke Galbraith smock from The Countryside Store, as I was in the market for a new shooting jacket to keep me dry over the winter months. I wanted a lightweight, waterproof and durable jacket that wouldn’t break the bank so I decided I liked the look of the Galbraith smock by Jack Pyke. When the smock arrived I was amazed at the quality of the product I got for the price I paid. It is extremely comfortable to wear, with one large zip pocket at the chest, and two smaller zip pockets at the sides which were perfect for keeping my belongings safe and secure whilst out shooting, as well as a hood to keep my head dry on a rainy day.

jack pyke galbraith smock size 3xlarge 7250 p

After wearing the smock throughout the winter months I am still extremely pleased with it. It has kept me dry on very wet days and I was impressed with how quiet the fabric is when moving about which has been perfect for my deer stalking. I think I would’ve struggled to find another smock of this quality in the same price bracket and I would definitely purchase another one from The Countryside Store if needs be in the future.


Another recent purchase I have made from The Countryside Store was the Jack Pyke hunters knife set as I needed a set of knives for processing game, and when I saw the price of them I just had to buy them. When the knives arrived, I was yet again blown away with the quality of the set for the price I had paid for them. I have used them on a couple of different occasions whilst out deer stalking for gralloching and they performed brilliantly and were much sharper than I initially thought they would be, not only this but they have still held their edge after several uses. I would recommend purchasing these knives from The Countryside Store to anyone who wants a great quality set of knives without having to spend a lot.

hunters knife set

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