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The Countryside Store Farm Shop

Supporting our British farming industry and producers has never been so important.

Did you know?

. More than 4.5 million tonnes of wonky veg is rejected in the UK each year and often replaced by imported produce

. We export £23.6 Billion worth of food and beverage each year

. 80% of all our consumed food is imported

. We are an island nation surrounded by some of the best fishing grounds in the world, yet we export £2,004 million and we import £3,457 million!

. We import £516.2 Billion products into the UK each year and export £689.0 Billion

2020/21 has been a challenge for millions of people throughout the UK but if the Coronavirus and Brexit has taught us anything it is that we need to support our British farmers and business as they are the backbone of our incredible nation.

The Countryside Store marketplace has been created to allow British producers and businesses to sell their products and produce to British consumers. This supports our own industries, reduces air miles, creates more rural jobs, and allows us to become a more self-sufficient nation.

We need to act now.

Join our campaign to back rural retailers, British businesses, and UK farmers and producers.

What can be found on The Countryside Store Farm shop?

. Game meat

. Venison

. Meat packs

. Fish, salmon and seafood

. Sweets and cakes

. Hampers

. Beer collections

. Wine collections

. Rum, Gin, Whisky

. Ice cream

And so much more.



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