How to support rural retailers in 2020

This year has been a shocker, not just for rural retailers, but also for new face of rural retail consumer blog images 1the countryside consumer. Unfortunately, no one has escaped the doom and gloom of the Coronavirus.

Many of us look forward to visiting the annual countryside shows. I, for one, will attend 4-5 shows ranging from small local events through to the national country shows and equestrian events.

We had been holding out hope to visit the Warwickshire game fair however it has just been announced that this too will be postponed until 2021.

The question we need to ask ourselves is why do we attend these rural events?

Is it to support our countryside industries? shop for unique products and gifts or perhaps learn more about the work our countryside communities do throughout the year? Whatever the reasons, by attending theses shows we have supported countryside traders and the rural economy.

new face of rural retail consumer blog images 2We often visit these fantastic events and see them in all their glory when we arrive at the gates. What we don’t see is the incredible amount of work that goes on behind the scenes and throughout the year from each retailer. Many of these stand holders will attend several shows throughout the year. Once the show season finishes, they will be back in their workshops, studios and places of work preparing for the next year’s events.

So how do we support these retailers that have lost a full season of sales? If something is not done, we will lose many of these incredibly talented people and wonderful products for good.

We believe The Countryside Store is the answer! Many of us will rely on online shopping so seek out this year’s gifts, the usual places to go include ETSY, Amazon, Not On The High Street, eBay ect but buying from these platforms will not necessarily be supporting our countryside industries.

The Countryside Store has been developed specifically for the countryside community, an opportunity to sell crafts, products and produce at an affordable cost but also the opportunity for countryside consumers to fully support rural retailers while purchasing a unique product.

With the constant threat of Covid – 19 and Brexit we now more than ever must pull together to support our industry as a whole, not doing so risks the loss of traders that are key to a thriving British Rural Economy.

So, the next time you want to buy a gift, product, produce, search for a UK holiday break or look to use a local service. Please use The Countryside face of rural retail consumer blog images 3

Our platform is fully committed to supporting our countryside communities and pledge 100% of profits to support the industry.



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Nick Plamer

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