Sales up 148% on The Countryside Store

Some positive news coming out of the countryside.


It is no secret that certain tv channels and media outlets constantly show the countryside in dim light, but The Countryside Store Marketplace would like to shine a little positivity to brighten up your January.


Rural businesses have seen a 148% increase in sales through The Countryside Store over the six months and with your support, we have reached over 500,000 people through our social platforms! This is a phenomenal response from our countryside community that has pledged its support to back British businesses.


The Countryside Store Marketplace launched just 18 months ago and is already recognised as the UK’s largest online rural retail hub supporting businesses from Cornwall to Canisbay.


Our community-led, countryside marketplace is developing plans to further support and protect rural businesses and communities throughout the UK.


We would like to invite all rural businesses to visit our ‘become a retailer’ page to see how you can benefit from being a Countryside Store retailer from just 23p per day.


Rome was not built in a day but with the continued support from both online customers and British rural businesses, we will carry on building a brighter future for all of us countryside folk.

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