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These luxury scented candles come with a crackling wood wick, which look and sound amazing as they burn. Each candle gives a guaranteed minimum burn time of 15 hours, however if you follow the instructions on the tin, you will get a more realistic burn time of up to 30 hours.

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More Bees Please

We are a family run beekeeping business based in Sheffield & Rotherham.  We are passionate about bees and the amazing effect they have on the environment.  We are expanding our Beekeeping to try and improve the quality of Bees in the local area, and also the number of pollinators in the local vicinity.  We have set up our own breeding program to improve the quality and disease resistant strain of bees. 

We have over 300 hives in South Yorkshire & Derbyshire. We are ethical beekeepers, and look after our bees well. During the winter months, we ensure that the bees have enough honey stores to survive the winter, without feeding sugar syrup. We are putting the bees before any profit, unlike most large bee farming companies.

We also aim to introduce Hives to as many schools, raise awareness with children and hopefully find Beekeepers of tomorrow.  Also check out our "More Bees Please" page for more information about our plan to spread hives around Yorkshire with the help of as many businesses as possible.

Our Honey is unpasteurised and filtered to the absolute minimum, to ensure you get the natural Honey how the bees intended.  This is something that you don't get from shop bought Honey.  We also sell other natural products from the hive, including Cut Comb Honey, Creamed Honey, Beeswax Polishes and a full range of Beauty & Pet Products.


Up to 30 hours burn time!!!

Our new Beeswax Scented Candles, from More Bees Please Candle Co.

These luxury scented candles come with a crackling wood wick, which look and sound amazing as they burn. Each candle gives a guaranteed minimum burn time of 15 hours, however if you follow the instructions on the tin, you will get a more realistic burn time of up to 30 hours.

Many candles are crafted with paraffin wax or other poorer quality waxes. Paraffin wax is an ingredient derived from Petroleum, which is bad for the environment and bad for your health when you burn them.

We only use pure Beeswax as our base ingredient, which has been used for over 2000 years. More Bees Please and More Bees Please Candle Co are committed to the welfare of our Apiaries and to help increase the population of Bees.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese relied on beeswax candles to light their homes.  Beeswax candles are long burning and a 100% natural alternative.

When bees eat honey, they produce wax.  Beekeepers then filter the beeswax from the honeycombs, cool it, and craft it into candles.

Great! So What Are the Benefits of Beeswax Candles?

The top health benefits of beeswax candles include:

1. Cleansing and Purifying the Air

Beeswax candles are the healthiest candles to burn as they contain negative ions.  These ions purify your home’s air so it’s healthier and safer as air is positively charged.

So, when the positive is mixed with negative ions, they become attracted to one another. As a result, the particles are then too heavy to float and drop to the ground.

This is a great way to extract dust, pollen, and dander from your air.

2. Health Benefits

The best beeswax candles can also give you a sense of calm and relaxation, perfect after a long day.

If you suffer from respiratory problems like asthma, then burn beeswax candles in your room for 30 to 60 minutes before you sleep.

Doing so will clear the air and help you drift off easier.
Ever notice your kitchen can’t shake that fishy smell after cooking? Burn a beeswax candle so they can tackle that tough odor.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Before you Google “is beeswax candle safe?” know that they burn clean and produce little smoke because they’re not oil-based.  And because beeswax is natural, the candles don’t emit synthetic counterpart of harmful chemicals.

Also, it’s important to remember that the production of soy, paraffin,
and palm candles use chemicals to transform them into candles.  Beeswax is in its raw state and doesn’t have to go through bleaching or hydrogenation.

So we can enjoy this harmonious synergy between us and the planet when we light a beeswax candle.  The planet and we reap the benefits of beeswax candles from the production to lighting it.

4. Burns Longer

Beeswax candles burn stronger and brighter because they have a high melting point.

They are also carbon neutral and have a sweet aroma produced by the floral nectar found in the honeycomb.

5. Hypoallergenic

People with allergies struggle to stay comfortable in rooms with burning candles.  Some are even allergic to certain scents so you have to be careful when choosing a scented candle.

As beeswax candles are mostly unscented, you won’t have to worry about people with allergies around your candles.

6. Sootless and Dripless

When we’re shopping for candles, we want to go for ones that don’t emit soot and don’t cascade in drips.  Luckily, beeswax candles burn for hours without sooting or dripping which means they’re low-maintenance.

Over time, your beeswax candle may produce a little drip which will develop a white film, giving them a unique effect.  But it’s important to trim the wick and keep your candle out of the draft for best results.

7. You Support Your Local Beekeeper

Whether you’re buying beeswax candles online or off, there’s a reassurance that comes with helping a beekeeper.

Beekeepers protect bees so that the world can keep producing fruit and veg.  We get our honey thanks to beekeepers but also our beeswax candles.  For every 100 pounds of honey harvested, the beekeeper gets 1 to 2 pounds of beeswax which makes this type of candle extra special.

…And That’s Why You Should Get Beeswax Candles!

There are many benefits of beeswax candles from being made out of 100% natural materials, hypoallergenic, and not leaving a trace on the planet, we can enjoy lighting candles without worrying about what we’re inhaling.

Please ensure you fully read the instructions on the tin, to ensure you get an amazing burn and experience with our candles.

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Baby Powder, Black Cherry, Clean Linen, Gingerbread, Lemon Curd, Orange, Sugar Plum, Very Berry, White Christmas


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