Learning aid crystal pack

Here at Spiritual Crystal Passion, we all have children and we wanted to put together a pack for them to use while studying. Depending on your child’s age they may be allowed to carry them with them but if not you can leave the crystals in a place your child works on their school work. But this pack isn’t just for children, we adults can benefit from using them too.

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Fluorite is great as a learning aid as it improves coordination, organisation, and concentration.

Hematite stimulates concentration and memory and enhances original thought. Hematite is known as a “stone for the mind”, and will help relieve stress and anxiety issues.

Carnelian It helps you feel more enthusiastic about life and even increases your self-esteem or sense of self-worth, which means that it’s perfect if you want to study more efficiently and pass all the exams.

Clear Quartz helps aid in concentration and focus. It also amplifies the user’s intent, making it great for manifesting goals or answering prayers.

Shungite encourages you to learn more, do more, and push onward toward the next spiritual breakthrough.


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