So why marshmallows?

So why marshmallows?Picture1

To be honest I’ve never really been a fan of marshmallows, but then again, I’d only ever tasted the pink and white variety or those mini mallows that float on top of hot chocolate. On the other hand, I had always loved cake mixture! Therefore, when I originally thought about making marshmallows as something a little different, I thought there’d be no chance of me becoming a fan… But how wrong I was!

How wrong I was!



Toasting close up DSC03930 2As a teacher who truly valued my students I really cared about their mental health. Aware that nobody responds well to negativity, the only way I could teach was to be myself. This meant I would focus on praising efforts rather than outcome. Everybody likes a little treat, and I knew if I made cakes for the students, I would end up eating them myself. So, I set about making something I didn’t like, but I knew was popular and acceptable for most allergy sufferers.

Being a gin lover, one of the first marshmallow flavours I perfected was Bombay Gin. I couldn’t believe my homemade marshmallows were so different to the pink and white variety I’d tasted and disliked. I took the pillowy white cubes, together with a few other child friendly varieties of mallows, into my work colleagues for a taste test asking them to complete a questionnaire for feedback. The mallows were an instant runaway hit!  And so Grown Up Marshmallows was born.

Liquid Grown Up MarshmallowsOnce I’d given up my full time job to focus on my marshmallow making, I soon found my passion was perfecting gourmet marshmallows. I loved the challenge of making a naturally flavoured ‘perfect mallow’ that was firm yet soft to the touch, light and fluffy on the tongue and full of fresh fruit and flavour. Here was a truly ‘grown-up’ treat, a quality product with seductive appeal. And from then on the rest is history.

Our gourmet, handmade marshmallows are naturally free from fat, wheat, egg, gluten, GMO, palm oil and dairy products. Produced by artisans, our hand-cut marshmallows contain fresh fruit and/or only the best quality Fair-Trade chocolate. Unlike the taste and texture of the traditional marshmallow, the quality and natural ingredients in our gourmet mallows bring a unique taste experience to any special event be it wedding, soirée, dinner party, BBQ, fire pit or just a treat for you and those for whom you care.

But, be warned, once tasted there’s no going back. To quote a mum attending a children’s party, on sampling a variety of Sicilian Lemon and Raspberry platters she exclaimed, “Oh how wonderful, a dessert for grown-ups”. There has been a delicious excitement about our marshmallows being for grown-ups ever since, even though their natural ingredients make them a healthier alternative for children too.

We have some signature flavours that are available all year round with Salted Peanut & Caramel being one of our best sellers. Dipped Chocolate happens to be one of my personal favourites because I love how the strong 70% rich, dark, organic Fair Trade chocolate, which is free from harmful pesticides and has one of the highest cacao concentrations for optimum antioxidants, cuts through the scrumptious sweetness of the vanilla marshmallow. It also just happens to be better for you and the planet!

slateFull of fresh organic red fruit vitamins and coloured with organic beetroot powder, no artificial colourings, flavourings nor drying agents are used in the production of Grown Up Marshmallows.

It is as important that the packaging adheres to the same ethical philosophy as our marshmallows. Therefore, Grown Up Marshmallows are packaged in 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable material, including the bag inside. The box material uses a process that makes our production Carbon Neutral. The print on the box is a water-based paint, with no lamination.

… Out of Consideration for the Planet.

With the launch of our new products post covid lock down, we have again ensured that our premier flavoured marshmallows taste as good as they look. But of course you will need to try them for yourself!

As a delighted customer said, “They taste just like happiness.” How lovely, I’ll have a double helping please!

I hope you enjoy them, and thank you for your continued support.

Janet x 

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