Supporting Britain’s Countryside Communities and the Rural Economy

The British Countryside and Agricultural events industry attracts over 6 million UK visitors per year and is estimated to be worth over 1 billion to the UK economy annually.

Hundreds of Gamefair’s, Equestrian Events, Country Fairs, Agricultural and County Shows have been unable to run in 2020 causing deep seated economic shockwaves to run up the spine of the Countryside’s economy.

“The backbone of the Countryside Events Industry in the UK are the small to medium sized manufacturers and retailers” said Nick Palmer, The Countryside Store’s principle founder. “Many Country Crafters, Whittlers, Carvers & Retailers rely on the show circuit for an income. I recognised this in March 2020 and a ‘crack-team’ of industry professionals was assembled to quickly react to the unfolding social and economic situation directly caused by the widespread event cancellations.”

blog post 1 pic 2The Countryside Store is the UK’s first dedicated online marketplace designed specifically for countryside crafters, rural lifestyle retailers and manufacturers to showcase, market and sell products to a dedicated audience of countryside lovers. It also provides a digital platform for the UK’s Rural Hospitality sector and Trades People to advertise to 1000’s of countryside lovers.

Nick continued to say “It is important now more than ever that the Countryside Communities pull together and supports our great British traders and UK holiday providers. The Countryside Store provides an easy to navigate digital platform to facilitate this”.

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