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Little Ducks Jams

An inspirational young lady!

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What is your name, age and were in the country do you live?

My name is Orla Brady, I am 8 years old and I live with my family in Farnborough, Hampshire. 


What is Little Ducks Jams?

Little Ducks Jams is my small business that I started in April this year. During early lockdown, around March time, I did a bake and jam sale on my driveway to raise money for our local hospital, Frimley Park and the NHS as a whole. The sale was a huge success and I raised over £400!! Many people commented and gave feedback that my jam was very tasty! This got me thinking that perhaps I should make some more and sell it to make some money for myself? 


Why did you decide to make jams/preserves? As I have mentioned in the last question I did the NHS sale and really enjoyed it. I then realised that I could make some money making and selling jam to family and friends. I spoke with my dad and discussed how it would work. He explained that if I was to start it would have to commit to it and work hard. If I did that he would help me buy the first set of materials and produce to get going, after that it was all down to me to pay!! 


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What do you enjoy doing when you are not making jam?

I enjoy being active and doing dance classes, swimming and Brownies. I also like playing with my friends and younger brother Joseph, he also helps me with the jams when i am really busy. My pops (grandad) helps sometimes too, he is my delivery driver!

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Why do you love the countryside?

Great Granny has a dairy farm in Co Cavan, Ireland and I love spending time there. Dad also shoots and I spend a lot of time with him tending to pens, feeding and looking after the shoot area. I

love being outside, playing with the other children there, looking after the dogs and seeing all the other wildlife. It’s particularly fun late summer into Autumn when the fruit comes out on the trees. I then collect the blackberries for more jam! 


What is the future for Little Duck Jams? 

I want to continue to work hard and grow my business. At the moment I am working on some mini jars for Christmas gifts, teachers presents and or hampers. I’m also looking at country fayres and farmer’s markets, id love to have a little stall at one to sell my jams! I’m also working hard on my school work as this comes first but have found that my business helps as I’m doing lots of maths, English and punctuation! 

The Countryside Store has been incredibly privileged to speak to many countryside creators but in a time of such uncertainty, Orla’s story and positivity should give us all a welcome boost.

We wish Orla at Little Ducks Jam the very best for the future and please keep up the great work.

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