Breaking the mould in rural retail!

The Countryside Store

Breaking the mould in rural retail!

The new face in rural retail 1In less than 25 weeks The Countryside Store has achieved something many said was impossible. It is often said that our agricultural and rural industries have been slow to embrace digital technology, perhaps some are right, but The Countryside Store has seen hundreds of incredible businesses restructure and change the way they do business due to Covid-19.


Less than 25 weeks ago the UK’s first marketplace dedicated to British, rural retail was launched with just 14 retailers, we now have over 345 businesses offering over 25,000 incredible country crafts, gifts, products and produce. We are also incredibly proud to of facilitated thousands of sales that without this wonderful platform would not have been made.


As a family-run business, we have strong beliefs in customer service, honesty, and transparency, we also believe that we have a responsibility to put in more than we take out which is why The Countryside Store is leading the way not only as a rural marketplace but we are setting an example to the big players within the e-commerce industry.


How is The Countryside Store different?


The new face in rural retail 2Our marketplace reinvests 100% of all profits back into supporting our rural retailers as well as supporting the wider countryside industry, we have not just stopped there though! Our “Every sale plants a sapling” scheme has proved incredibly popular to both retailers and consumers, when you buy from a seller on The Countryside Store you are not only supporting British retail but supporting the rewilding of hedgerows up and down the UK (please see our link for more information )


What is next?


Like any new business, The Countryside Store is busy laying the foundations of the UK’s largest countryside marketplace. The next 6 months require continued support from both consumers and retailers while the small team here at The Countryside Store HQ are beavering away behind the scenes.


We are lucky enough to speak to dozens of retailers daily who all agree that our community-led platform has a personable, friendly and welcoming feel and we have recently been compared to NOT ON THE HIGH STREET in their earlier days.


The new face in rural retail 3We are is unique, we believe in setting our own trends rather than following many other marketplaces that charge large subscription & commission fees.


As a marketplace we have only just begun, we know The Countryside Store and our retailers will become the new face in British retail.


Join us today and become a part of something special.


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